Outstanding choice and superb craftsmanship

welcome to Lucrin’s world of leather www.lucrin.co.uk offers one of the biggest selections of luxury leather products on sale online in the United Kingdom.Lucrin’s Swiss-style products boast a quality that’s second-to-none. We use only the finest raw materials, which are carefully selected for their colour and texture. You can make Lucrin luxury leather goods that bit more special by having your own initials printed or embossed onto your purchase.Our product selection comprises luxury leather goods for the home, the office and travel.

As you would expect, traditional leather articles including wallets feature prominently. But we also make a variety of other very functional items. Perfect for modern life is our range of leather cases for iphones (such as iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4). These have been specially developed for these particular models. They provide a fashionable way of protecting your iPhone from any knocks. In common with the entire Lucrin range, these iPhone cases come in a selection of different shades and leathers, from ostrich to lambskin. We also produce superb leather office goods from technologically simpler times, such as our magnificent, yet practical leather desk pads and blotters.

Be kind to your feet with French-style fashion

If you’re in search of boots and shoes with that something extra, Modatoi offers a selection of women’s shoes so extensive that even Imelda Marcos would be impressed. And these aren’t just any shoes, but classy French designs that definitely boast the x factor. It’s true that every woman has a soft spot for shoes. And it’s evident why, when you consider the loving care involved in designing our range of ladies’ shoes. You’ll enter a world of bold leopard and snakeskin effects, multi-coloured mixes, fashion details such as rhinestone-coated straps, fabric mixes and creative patterns that occasionally even venture into pop art country. We’re not exclusively focussed on heels. We have virtually every sort of women’s boots you can imagine.
Taking boots as an example, we stock multiple different models from mid-high and thigh-high boots to over-the-knee looks. One issue we encounter is how to dare to be different with colour. Resist being boxed in by the ‘it’s got to be black’ brigade. It’s just so unnecessary bearing in mind there are so many different colours. You can be stylish in scarlet, stunning in silver and lovely in lilac. You can also be the talk of the town with oh so smart mules and ever-practical flats. Have a total wardrobe makeover with our clothing and accessories range. Trousers and dresses, jackets and accessories, lingerie and handbags, it’s all here. It’s sometimes the extra touches that make the difference. Get more mileage from your wallet with no delivery charges when you buy more than £50′s worth of goods. Put even more pounds aside with the help of a 10% discount on orders of more than £110. Put your mind to rest with our satisified or reimbursed promise and customer enquiries hotline, open five days a week. Finally, since we stock clothes in size 6 up to 16 and shoes up to size 8, we can all experience what it feels like to dress up like a Parisienne.